Brand Ambassador Assets

This area will include all of the assets you’ll need as a Top One Trader Brand Ambassador.

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BOGO Promo Images

Download Our BOGO Promo Images in The Following Sizes:
1080 X 1080 | 1080 X 1920

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Social Media Images

Download 7 Different Social Media Posts in The Following Sizes:
120 X 160 | 160 X 600 | 250 X 250 | 300 X 250 | 300 X 600 | 320 X 50 | 468 X 60 | 728 X 90 | 970 X 90

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Social Media Captions + Email Copy

Tap the button below to “make a copy” of your Brand Ambassador Google document, brimming with copy + paste social media captions, plus extended copy for those longer captions and email blasts. It’s your go-to promo kit for showcasing Top One Trader!