Congratulations on investing in a challenge with us!

Please allow 10 to 15 minutes for your account emails to hit your inbox (please check your spam folder)! In the meantime, here’s what to do next…

STEP 1: Watch Video

Watch the video below from Top One Trader's Founder for important information regarding your account.

STEP 2: Check Your Email

You'll receive up to THREE emails from us. Each email will come from 'Top One Trader'.

If this is your first challenge with us, you'll receive a welcome email with the login to your trader dashboard.

Another email will include the login details for your trading account you'll use with MT4/MT5.

Another email will include login details to your Top One Trader Blueprint training program.

Be sure to SAVE all of your login details and bookmark the appropriate pages so you don't lose them.

STEP 3: Join Our Discord

Jump into our community and join a close-knit tribe of committed traders who refuse to settle for being ordinary.

This is where you can connect with traders from all over the world, stay up to date on promotions & giveaways, learn from other traders, get trade ideas, participate in our meme-wars for a laugh, and even get trading tips directly from our Founder & Chief Trading Officer, Clay Hodges.

Plus, just by joining, you'll receive a free 12 minute training from Clay on how you can be WRONG on 80% of your trades and STILL be profitable. (You'll definitely want to check out this training on risk management.)