About Top One Trader

Built For Traders. By Traders.

Top One Trader is one of the most trusted proprietary trading firms in the financial industry attracting thousands of traders from more than 100 countries around the world who want to build up a professional trading career. Top One Trader is built upon three core foundational pillars of success…

& Integrity

We prioritize transparency, honesty, and accountability.  Our philosophy is simple… We do what we say we’re going to do.

We provide clear and straightforward trading rules, fast and seamless payouts, a simple one or two-step trading challenge with unlimited time to pass, as well as award winning trading platforms with cTrader and Match Trader. We stand behind our commitment to “Payouts You Can Count On.”

Exceptional Support

We recognize that our traders are the heartbeat of our company and our entire company revolves around giving you the best trading experience possible. Because we truly value our relationship with you, our mission is to always over-deliver and give more than expected.

Our passionate team goes above and beyond to ensure our traders receive unparalleled assistance and guidance to foster a long-term relationship.

& Community

Trading can be a lonely world. Within the Top One Trader community, you’ll be able to network and communicate with other traders and be recognized for your accomplishments.

We are the opposite of the fly-by-night, “churn & burn” mentality that so many trading firms in our industry operate under. We are long-term players who create real relationships and sustainable careers for our traders. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: 
Empowering traders to achieve financial freedom.

Our team

Meet The Founders of Top One Trader

At Top One Trader, our leadership team is made up of committed, ambitious and professional individuals who believe in CANI – constant and never-ending improvement. We encourage you to get to know our team and get involved in our community.

Clay Hodges

Founder & Chief Trading Officer

Having trained thousands of successful traders, Clay is the visionary behind Top One Trader. Clay has been consistently rated among the top 10 trading coaches globally by several major trading publications. His ability to train, connect, and inspire, positions him perfectly to lead our trading community. With years of experience as a master level trader, Clay leads the continuous innovation of our trading platform & community. His connections and influence in the trading industry massively expand the ongoing success of our company.

Matt Morris

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In 29 years as an entrepreneur, Matt has been the majority owner of two 8 figure businesses and an equity partner in a company that generated over $5 billion in revenues. For more than 20 years, Matt has been a private equity investor, commercial and residential real estate investor, and investor in the financial markets. Matt has also been an international speaker delivering keynotes in more than 40 countries across six continents. He has personally coached hundreds of top executives and business owners.

Todd Hodges

Founder & Chief Operations Officer

With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, Todd keeps our company running like a well-oiled machine including our global support team. His operational systems and processes allow Top One Trader to scale rapidly while maintaining excellence in all areas of support and business operations.

Brycen Coffman

Founder & Marketing Wizard

Brycen has served as both the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, as well as, equity partner for the #1 transformational coaching company in the direct selling industry generating well over 10,000 customers with millions of dollars in revenues. He has also been a marketing and operational consultant for multiple 8-figure corporations.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions. 

Great news! Once your payment goes through, you’re almost set! Expect an email from [email protected] that’ll guide you straight to our trading dashboard. 

Plus, it’ll have download links for MT4 or MT5 and all the login details you need. If you don’t see our email within a couple of hours, take a quick peek in your spam folder. Still can’t find it? No worries! Just give a shout using the ‘Contact Us’ option on our site or the Live Chat feature, and we’ll get things sorted for you quickly.

Absolutely! Trading during news events is allowed. Just remember to stay informed and strategize wisely to navigate the potential volatility. Stay sharp and happy trading.

Absolutely! You’re free to hold onto your positions over the weekend.



Setting a stop loss is like putting on a seatbelt when you drive. It’s there to protect you.


Here’s the deal:

Unless you’ve opted for an upgrade (you can find details when you check out), you must set a stop loss when you place a trade. If you don’t, or if you try adding it after the trade’s already begun, that trade will be shut down.

But don’t stress! It’s not a severe rule violation. Think of it as a gentle reminder. You can jump back in and trade again, just make sure you’ve got that stop loss ready from the get-go.

Simply put, this rule ensures our traders are using proper risk management when using our capital to trade with.

The Max Trailing Drawdown is like a safety net for your account. Here’s how it works:

  1. Starting Off: When you kick off, your account has an 8% safety buffer based on your starting balance.
  2. Rising Account: As you profit, this buffer moves up with your closing balance until you gain an 8% profit overall.
  3. Locking In: Once you’ve pocketed an 8% profit, the buffer sticks to your starting amount and doesn’t move with your balance anymore.

Let’s walk through an example:

Imagine you begin with $100,000. You’ve got an 8% safety buffer, which means you’d breach the rule if your balance drops to $92,000. But if you do well and bring it up to $105,000, your new safety net rises to $97,000. If you continue this streak and reach $108,000, the safety buffer gets locked back at your starting amount: $100,000. So, no matter how high you soar – say to $170,000 – you’d only trip the rule if you fall back down to $100,000. But remember, you still need to watch out for the daily 5% drawdown rule.

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